Some really interesting things

Who the hell are you?

As my GitHub profile says, I’m “Some kind of developer trying to create something useful, often without luck, because of laziness.” I’m actually doing things in VB.NET, but sometimes I code in Batch, PHP, Javascript and so on (I don’t know anything in these languages, just copying from the internet). And as I said, I’m lazy. Like SUPER lazy. You can see the proof on GitHub. All projects labeled with NWY (not working yet) or NFWY (not fully working yet) are the results of my laziness. I get an idea, try to do it and when it’s not working and I’m not in the mood for it any longer, I stop and do some other things (social networks, play games, make some meal). And that’s probably the end of development indefinitely.
Oh, and I’m from Czech Republic 😀


What’s Míní?

Míní is my first thing! It’s a “game” made with GameMaker and its launcher (my first VB.NET project). It’s crap. But a life important crap.
I created sooo much things here, which are used in other apps now. For example self-updater. I was super happy, when it successfully updated the game and the launcher for a first time. And even with small improvements, it works great in all my apps today.
As I wasn’t expecting, that I’ll ever code for someone else than me, the whole game is in Czech and don’t expect me to translate it.
You can try download it from here, extract and run launcher.exe. Nothing glamorous, huh? I even made a Windows 98 – XP version named Elder. Don’t ask me why Elder, I don’t know it either.
And that’s the reason why there are in older releases of my apps things like “Míní Studios corp.” and “” (btw. still working). I just couldn’t come up with a better company name.